Farmers Markets and Equity

Problem, research strategy, and findings: Farmers’ markets provide one option for remedying the startling decline in fresh vegetable and fruit consumption in the United States, particularly in low-income, non-White neighborhoods where opportunities to access these components of a healthy diet are often limited. We lack empirical research on whether farmer’s markets provide fresh vegetables and fruits consistently across locations. We audited product offerings at … Read More

Billboards and Health

Problem: Famers’ markets may play an important role in improving access to fresh vegetables and fruit in underserved urban communities. However, few studies have examined the type of product offerings in markets by neighborhood. Improving our understanding of farmers’ markets as a potential source of healthy food will enable planners to better regulate them to … Read More

Leading by Example: Process Evaluation of a Local Health Department-Community Collaboration to Change Organizational Practice to Incorporate Physical Activity (2004)

Abstract A multisectoral model promoting sociocultural environmental change to increase physical activity levels among African Americans in Los Angeles County, California, was developed and implemented. This model represents a true collaboration between a local health department and a community lead agency. Community organizations serving targeted areas of the county participated in one or more interventions [...]

Assessing Healthy Food Options in South Los Angeles Restaurants (2005)

Abstract Objectives. We examined availability and food options at restaurants in less affluent (target area) and more affluent (comparison area) areas of Los Angeles County to compare residents’ access to healthy meals prepared and purchased away from home. We also considered environmental prompts that encourage the purchase of various foods. Methods. We designed an instrument [...]

From Congestion to Sprawl: Planning and Health in Historical Context (2006)

Abstract Why haven't planners and public health professionals worked together consistently throughout the last century? This article puts their relationship in historical perspective, arguing that while the fields have always been connected, the bond has been stronger when upheld by converging theories and commonly perceived problems. Under such a conceptual umbrella, the two fields can collaborate. In this article, [...]

Putting Promotion into Practice: The African Americans Building a Legacy of Health Organizational Wellness Program (2006)

Abstract A Los Angeles REACH demonstration project led by Community Health Councils, Inc. adapted and implemented an organizational wellness intervention originally developed by the local health department, providing training in incorporating physical activity and healthy food choices into the routine "conduct of business" in 35 predominantly public and private, non-profit-sector agencies. A total of 700 [...]